Membership Criteria

The following criteria for membership are extracts from the Rules of Association, which are promulgated in the Members Only menu:

a. Ordinary Members – Persons who have served with No. 101 Fleet Co-operation Flight/Squadron, No. 9 Squadron or been attached for service from whatever military force or nation. This category of membership is available to family/descendants.

b. Affiliate Members – Members of Australian or foreign forces/units who have operated in support or conjointly with No. 101 Fleet Co-operation/No. 9 Squadron (for example; Nos. 2, 5, 12, 35, 36, 37, 38 Squadrons, RAAF and Royal Australian Navy/Australian Army/American/New Zealand military elements) plus others approved by the National Council of the Association. This category of membership is available to family/descendants.

c. Honorary Members – Any person supportive of the Profession of Arms who desires to be associated with unit commemorative and social activities.

d. Life Members – Awarded to a member who has been recommended by the National Council and approved by the membership of the Association in recognition of outstanding service to or on behalf of the Association.

Affiliate membership is intended to be very broadly based including those who served on RAN/RNZN warships with No.101/No. 9 Squadron elements embarked, sister units, US Army 135th Assault Helicopter Company, RAAF elements in the Vietnam War theatre and members of Australian Middle East deployments that included elements of No. 9 Squadron.

Registration and Membership Fee

Membership fee shall be decided by the National Executive after incorporation of the Association and, thereafter, at an Annual General Meeting. The fee shall entitle membership for a 12 month period aligning with the traditional financial year from 01 July to the following 30 June inclusive. The fee for each FY shall be Twenty Dollars (AUD 20.00) for all membership categories.

Membership fee is payable via financial institutions or by post. Please print the fee payment form if necessary and mail to: National Secretary, PO Box 71 Redlynch Qld 4870.

The Members Only Menu will be accessible by login of Username and Date of Birth when membership fee is paid. 90 days grace will be allowed beyond 30 June for payment of membership fee for the following year with automatic curtailment of Members Only access thereafter, until membership fee is paid. Contact details will remain on the nominal rolls unless removal is requested.

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PRIVACY. The following information will be transmitted to a secure database accessible only by Office Bearers of the Association. Items marked with asterisks ** will allow you access to the Members Only area, subject to fee payment.

Print Fee Payment forms for mailing to Assistant National Secretary, No 9 Squadron Association Inc., PO Box 71 Redlynch Qld 4870.

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