Lieutenant Colonel Jeno (Jack) ALTORJAY , MID
- 1982

Tribute by Andrew Vintner, Grandson.

Jeno or German Jack as he was known was the consumate soldier, and grandfather. He often reiterated to me the joy he had being associated with 9 Squadron in Vietnam and on his return. It was truly a tragic occurrence what happened in September 1982, and although we have laid Jeno to rest, his memory will always live on. The hardest part to come to grips with is the fact that not one piece of wreckage has been located 20 years later. RIP Dod.

Tribute By Brian Dirou

Jack served on Panzers in the German Army during WW2 and his Grandson and Association member, Andrew Vintner of the Australian Federal Police, is researching Jack's overall military background for presentation in our historical work. Jack and Ursula were embraced by the Air Force community wherever they served and he was often the focus of younger aircrew in the bar. Having been involved in 'blitzkreig' operations, he was an ardent advocate of air support and a true warrior who was much respected by RAAF personnel - BD